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As a business officer, president or board member, you are accountable for the prudent management of your organization’s retirement plan. Well and Good LLC has the expertise that a prudent management process demands. Get in touch today.
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Advisory services that match your plan's needs
We have provided efficient, effective and economical services to nationwide clients: schools, colleges, research and medical facilities, arts organizations and other mission-based nonprofits—since 2009. We deeply understand nonprofit culture and the decision-making process.
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Defense against litigation

A prudent management process demands expertise such as that provided by Well and Good LLC. Courts have clarified that you must obtain expertise if you lack it. Evidence of a prudent process becomes your first line of defense against litigation. Well and Good LLC delivers that evidence through quarterly reports, meetings, recommendations and follow up. 

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Dedicated exclusively to advisory services.

Very familiar, experienced with non-profit governance practices.

Very familiar, experienced with non-profit governance practices.

Financial guidance you can trust

Step-by-Step confidence

  • You will establish and maintain a prudent process to assure that your 403(b)/ 401(k) plan compares well with benchmarks. 

  • Your participants will know their retirement outcomes are in good hands and they have access to information they need to make the best decisions. 
  • You have secured the first line of defense against ever increasing litigation.
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We stay ahead of the curve

Well and Good LLC began at the beginning, in 2009, when the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service established regulations covering fiduciary responsibility. In the decade since, regulations have evolved and grown more complex. Well and Good LLC continues to stay ahead of the curve in relevant areas of written acceptance of fiduciary responsibility, the merger of 403(b) and 401(k) law and oversight, and the increasingly competitive service provider marketplace, where the employer as plan sponsor must decide, independent of any plan provider, what is in the best interest of the plan and its participants.

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We offer a complimentary initial consultation. At that time, we will identify your plan advisory needs and develop a proposal with the recommended product or service that will best suit your needs.

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Statement of Support

Through Well and Good LLC, Dick Shafer brings independent, professional and affordable advice to fiduciaries of retirement plans. I have watched Dick develop a suite of research-driven retirement plan investment advisory services especially well-suited to the needs of nonprofit organizations. Dick has many talents but the one that stands above all else is his empathy for customers and their needs. For example, he always properly emphasizes the benefit of the plan and participants over any other interest. I recommend Dick Shafer and Well and Good to any organization looking to benefit from vast retirement industry knowledge, technical know how and positive attitude.  

---Subi Banerjee, Senior VP Finance, DuTrac Community Credit Union, Dubuque, Iowa

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