Well and Good LLC Services

We work with you to complete a due diligence review and emerge with specific recommended action steps.

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We provide independent, flat fee-for-service advice to retirement plan fiduciaries. Services include:
Acting as a fiduciary to your plan, consistent with ERISA
Guidance in establishing a plan oversight committee, plus ongoing recommendations
Intensive Transition Program to move from provider-dependence to independent decision-making
Custom plan policy statements
Investment lineup design, selection and monitoring
Vendor and account searches, when appropriate
Vendor fee negotiations with full disclosure and benchmarking
Participant education, guidance and advice through established channels
Plan fiduciary communication “up and down” your organization
Since 2009, Well and Good LLC has advised nonprofit boards and management and joined them in plan fiduciary responsibility. We scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.
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